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Tyler v. Hennepin County, Minnesota, No. 22-166 [Arg: 04.26.2023]

Issue(s): (1) Whether taking and selling a home to satisfy a debt to the government, and keeping the surplus value as a windfall, violates the Fifth Amendment's taking...

Yegiazaryan v. Smagin, No. 22-381 [Arg: 04.25.2023]

Issue(s): Whether a foreign plaintiff states a cognizable civil claim under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act when it suffers an injury to intangi...

Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians v. Coughlin, No. 22-227 [Arg: 04.24.2023]

Issue(s): Whether the Bankruptcy Code expresses unequivocally Congress’ intent to abrogate the sovereign immunity of Indian tribes.

Dupree v. Younger, No. 22-210 [Arg: 04.24.2023]

Issue(s): Whether to preserve the issue for appellate review a party must reassert in a post-trial motion a purely legal issue rejected at summary judgment.

Counterman v. Colorado, No. 22-138 [Arg: 04.19.2023]

Issue(s): Whether, to establish that a statement is a "true threat" unprotected by the First Amendment, the government must show that the speaker subjectively knew or ...

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